Surrealist relationship drama about a couple who literally don’t speak the same language any more.

This was my first narrative short to go to festivals. I wrote and directed it in California in the winter of 2008. It had a good run on the festival circuit and picked up an audience award along the way.

Julie, Julie explores issues of identity and communication between men and women by making literal the adage ‘they just don’t speak the same language.’

Charles and Julie Tannen are married partners in an architectural firm who regularly clash about how to handle their business. Charles tends to undervalue Julie and ignore her input. But everything changes when, on the way to an important meeting, Julie is struck by a car.

Julie regains consciousness in the hospital with a concussion, amnesia, and the bizarre side effect of only being able to communicate in French, a language she shouldn’t know how to speak. Charles insists on bringing her home, certain that the condition will quickly pass.

As it becomes clear that Julie remembers nothing of their life together, Charles has a decision to make. Will he learn to communicate with this new woman in order to salvage the relationship he once took for granted?

Festival Screenings
Julie, Julie has played at 9 festivals around the world, including a premiere at the Independent Film Festival Boston. It won an audience award at the Rochester High Falls International Film Festival and featured in the market at Clermont-Ferrand.

Julie, Julie website.

Panasonic HVX200 shooting @ 720p with P+S Technik PRO35 lens adapter.