Preparing for Develop:Brighton 2024

I’m heading to Develop on the 11th, which means I need an updated business card.

Back in 1994 I had a program called Anagram Genius on a 3.5″ floppy disc for my Acorn A3000, which I bought because its magazine advert informed me that an anagram of “Michael Portillo” (at that point a prominent Tory MP) is “A Cool, Limp Hitler”. I instantly put the program to work on the names of everyone I met, and so I have known for decades that the best anagram you can make of my name is “Nice Algorithm”. I am very pleased that this information is finally having its time in the sun.

NB. The developer of Anagram Genius, William Tunstall-Pedoe, is still releasing new versions. He is probably better known for developing Evi, a voice assistant technology that was acquired by Amazon and became Alexa.

Current work: Prim

Full-length cartoon portrait of game protagonist Prim

This week I’m focused on directing voices for Gothic comedy adventure, Prim by Common Colours.

The Tim Burton and Terry Pratchett influences are pretty clear, and it’s fun working in such an arch comic fantasy register. The voice cast features a number of actors with a track record in narrative and adventure games, including Ivy Dupler (Genshin Impact), Rhiannon Moushall (Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader), Jason Hall (Dragonheir: Silent Gods), Stephanie Cannon (Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes), Toby Longworth (Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death, Broken Sword), Adrian Vaughan (Armello: The Dragon Clan), and Sally Beaumont (Lucy Dreaming, Mutropolis, Heaven’s Vault). Our lead, Prim, is voiced by Maria Pendolino (Pagan: Online).

I’m not privy to the release date, but I suspect it will be out in the last quarter of 2024 / first quarter of 2025 on Steam, GOG, and all other reputable platforms. Publisher is Application Systems Heidelberg.

We Stay Behind demo, story trailer released

I’m absolutely delighted to be working on narrative design, English localisation, and directing voices for this beautiful mystery narrative game set in the Pacific Northwest. Marcus and the rest of the Backwoods development team just released a new demo for the game, and a trailer teasing the story. Both demo and trailer feature the voices of our talented cast, including Amy Quick (Unforeseen Incidents, Eve: Valkyrie), Morgan Taylor (Choo-Choo Charles), Alan Adelberg (Marvel Avengers Academy, Iron Fist), Terrance Addison (Dragon Siege, Mafia City) and Francesca Meaux (Hades, Dunk Lords, The Riftbreaker).